"Vão" was a project I watched only a few times after it was finished. The music touches on very vulnerable points within me. I tried to record it in different ways, to dissociate it from my personal perception and create a story from scratch. I had a great team by my side, a fiction script, a good casting, etc. But several unforeseen events occurred, and I decided to embrace the first feeling that the music brought to me: the nostalgia that my grandparents' house evokes in me. 
My grandmother has always been very passionate about family records. She keeps many boxes of old photos and I've spent many afternoons rummaging through this material with her throughout my life. 
Watching hours of videos recorded in this house before I was born made me understand the dynamics of my family, get to know my  parents as teenagers, my aunts, uncles, cousins, relatives. When I began to outline the story I wanted to tell in the music video, I understood that it was about 'time'. Time passes silently, until the moment we compare the present with the past. The changes, the marks, the children who grew up, the children who were born, the celebration of love and life.
For me, Recording is also celebrating, and I am very grateful to my friend Sandy Alê for the trust she put on me and the freedom to tell my story. I know this song means a thousand other things to her, and many others to the brilliant duo who composed it, Ana Carla and Fabrício Motta. 
Today I understand how much this video was a rite of passage for me. Made me travel to a past I did not live, but is also mine.

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