I was lucky enough to get to meet the Hanseatische Materialverwaltung 6 months after landing in Hamburg. The “Matz”, for the intimates, is a firm that collects different kinds of materials and disposes of them for new uses. Is possible to rent furniture, decorations, fabrics, props for film and theater or even build up entire scenarios. 
The place, situated in Oberhafen, is also known for the parties they organize every thursday during summer and the Frühlingsfest (Sping Festival). Always with great curation of DJs, some activities for kids and families. I’m really happy and proud to be a collaborator for almost two years. Passing through different areas of the work and of course, registering it all. Here you find some pictures I took and the video we did, to try to explain the magic behind the place. Hope you enjoy. Or as they say here, Viel Spaß!

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